Thresher 1.2 Class Documentation

Sharkbite.Irc Namespace

Namespace hierarchy


ChannelModeInfo A simple struct designed to hold al the attributes that are contain in a Channel mode.
CommandBuilder CommandBuilder provides the support methods needed by its subclasses to build correctly formatted messages for the IRC server. It is never itself instantiated.
Connection This class manages the connection to the IRC server and provides access to all the objects needed to send and receive messages.
CtcpListener This class is used to send CTCP specific events. Once registered with this object the client can receive notification of all CTCP requests, pings, and replies. Instances of this class are not created directly but are retrieved as a property from a Connection object.
CtcpResponder A class which automatically responds to CTCP queries. The replies it sends are configurable by the client.
CtcpSender This class allows the client to send CTCP commands. There is no limit on what commands can actually be sent, however, the accepted CTCP commands are: UserInfo, Finger, Version, Source, ClientInfo, ErrMsg, and Time. Action, though it is also a CTCP command, is so common that it is handled by the normal sender class.
CtcpUtil Constants and utility methods to support CTCP.
DccChatSession Establish a DCC Chat connection with a remote user.
DccFileInfo Manages the information about the file being transfered.
DccFileSession Allows the user to send and receive files from other IRC users.
DccFileSessionManager This class checks each file session to see if it has not had any activity within the timeout period so that inactive sessions can be closed.
DccListener DccListener listens for incoming DCC requests on any Connection in which DCC is enabled. This class follows the singleton pattern and there so there is only a single instance which listens to all connections.
DccUserInfo This class encapsulates all the information known about a remote user in the context of a DCC session.
DccUtil Utility methods needed to handle DCC requests.
Identd An Ident daemon is still used by some IRC networks for authentication. It is a simple service which when queried by a remote system returns a username. The server is controlled via static methods all of which are Thread safe.
Listener This class parses messages received from the IRC server and raises the appropriate event.
NameGenerator Generates random, made-up names. The names appear to be language neutral (sort of).
Rfc2812Util RFC 2812 Utility methods.
Sender This class is used to send all the IRC commands except for CTCP and DCC messages. Instances of this class are retrieved as properties of the Connection object. All methods in this class are thread safe.
ServerProperties Encapsulates the collection of properties sent by the IRC server after registration.
TextColor This class conatins a set of methods for adding and removing mIRC color and other control codes.
UserInfo A convenient holder of user information. Instances of this class are created internally.
WhoisInfo The collection of information about a user returned by a Whois query. Instances of this class are created internally.


IParser Classes should implement this Interface in order to act as custom parsers for the raw messages received from IRC servers.


ConnectionArgs A collection of parameters necessary to establish an IRC connection.


ActionEventHandler An action message was sent to a channel.
AdminEventHandler The response to an Admin request.
AwayEventHandler A Notice or Private message was sent to someone whose status is away.
ChannelListEventHandler Response to a RequestChannelList command.
ChannelModeChangeEventHandler A channel's mode has changed.
ChannelModeRequestEventHandler The response to a RequestChannelModes command.
ChatMessageReceivedEventHandler A DCC chat message was received from the remote user.
ChatRequestTimeoutEventHandler When trying to initiate a DCC chat request the remote user did not respond within the alotted time.
ChatSessionClosedEventHandler A DCC chat session has been closed.
ChatSessionOpenedEventHandler A DCC chat session has been opened with a remote user.
CtcpPingReplyEventHandler Someone has replied to a Ctcp ping request sent by this client.
CtcpPingRequestEventHandler Someone has sent a Ctcp Ping request.
CtcpReplyEventHandler Someone has replied to a Ctcp request sent by this client.
CtcpRequestEventHandler Someone has sent a Ctcp request.
DccChatRequestEventHandler Someone has requested a DCC chat session.
DccGetRequestEventHandler A remote user has requested a file. To respond use Send with the relevant information.
DccSendRequestEventHandler Another user has offered to send a file.
DisconnectedEventHandler This connection has been closed
DisconnectingEventHandler This connection is about to be closed
ErrorMessageEventHandler Error messages from the IRC server.
FileTransferCompletedEventHandler A file was succefully transfered.
FileTransferInterruptedEventHandler Something happened to stop the transfer before it was completed. Normally this will be due to one of the sides canceling the transfer.
FileTransferProgressEventHandler Called for each successful data block transfer. This allows the developer to show a transfer progress display of some kind.
FileTransferStartedEventHandler The file transfer connection has been successfully opened and the data transfer has begun.
FileTransferTimeoutEventHandler There has been no activity in this session for the timeout period. The session is automatically closed and this event is raised.
InfoEventHandler The response to an Info request.
InviteEventHandler The user has been invited to a channel.
InviteSentEventHandler An Invite message was successfully sent to another user.
IsonEventHandler The response to a Ison request.
JoinEventHandler Someone has joined a channel.
KickEventHandler Someone has been kicked from a channel.
KillEventHandler Someone was disconnected from the server via a Kill.
LinksEventHandler The response to a Links request.
ListEventHandler The response to a List request.
LusersEventHandler The response to a Lusers request.
MotdEventHandler The server's "Message of the Day" if any.
NamesEventHandler The response to a Names request.
NickErrorEventHandler Called when a nick change fails.
NickEventHandler A user changed his nickname.
PartEventHandler Someone has left a channel.
PingEventHandler Called when a server sends a keep-alive Ping.
PrivateActionEventHandler A private action message was sent to the user.
PrivateMessageEventHandler A private message was sent to the user.
PrivateNoticeEventHandler A private Notice type message was sent to the user.
PublicMessageEventHandler A public message was sent to a channel.
PublicNoticeEventHandler A Notice type message was sent to a channel.
QuitEventHandler Someone has quit IRC.
RawMessageReceivedEventHandler The full unparsed text messages received from the IRC server. It includes all messages received except for those exchanged during a DCC chat.
RawMessageSentEventHandler The full unparsed text messages sent to the IRC server. It includes all messages sent except for those exchanged during a DCC chat.
RegisteredEventHandler Connection with IRC server is open and registered.
ReplyEventHandler Messages that are not handled by other events and are not errors.
StatsEventHandler The response to a Stats request.
TimeEventHandler The response to a Time request.
TopicEventHandler A channel's topic has changed.
TopicRequestEventHandler The response to a RequestTopic command.
UserModeChangeEventHandler This user's mode has changed.
UserModeRequestEventHandler The response to a RequestUserModes command for this user.
VersionEventHandler The response to a Version request.
WhoEventHandler The response to a Who request.
WhoisEventHandler The response to a Whois request.
WhowasEventHandler The response to a Whowas request.


ChannelMode Possible channel modes.
MircColor All recognized mIRC colors.
ModeAction Whether a mode has been added or removed.
ReplyCode Numeric message codes taken from RFC 2812
StatsQuery The possible stats message query parameters.
UserMode The possible user modes.