Thresher 1.2 Class Documentation

NickErrorEventHandler Delegate

Called when a nick change fails.

[Visual Basic]
Public Delegate Sub NickErrorEventHandler( _
   ByVal badNick As String, _
   ByVal reason As String _
public delegate void NickErrorEventHandler(
   string badNick,
   string reason


The nick which caused the problem
A message explaining the error


This method can be called under 2 conditions: It can arise when the user is already registered with the IRC server and is trying change his nick. Or when the user is trying to register for the first time with the IRC server and it fails.

Note that if the later arises then you will have to manually complete the regsitration process.


Namespace: Sharkbite.Irc

Assembly: Sharkbite.Thresher (in Sharkbite.Thresher.dll)

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