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ServerProperties Class

Encapsulates the collection of properties sent by the IRC server after registration.

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[Visual Basic]
NotInheritable Public Class ServerProperties
public sealed class ServerProperties


See the server_properties.pdf file for a list of comon properties.


            //This will only be non null if the connection has already received
            //a '005' reply and that such a reply is actually sent by the server.
            //This will happen right after registration.
            //Instances are only retrieved from a Connection and not instantiated directly.
            ServerProperties properties = connection.ServerProperties;
            //It should always be tested for null
            if( properties != null ) {
            Console.Writeline("NICKLEN is" + properties["NICKLEN"] );
            //Only a handful of properties will ever be available.


Namespace: Sharkbite.Irc

Assembly: Sharkbite.Thresher (in Sharkbite.Thresher.dll)

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