Thresher 1.2 Class Documentation

NamesEventHandler Delegate

The response to a Names request.

[Visual Basic]
Public Delegate Sub NamesEventHandler( _
   ByVal channel As String, _
   ByVal nicks As String(), _
   ByVal last As Boolean _
public delegate void NamesEventHandler(
   string channel,
   string[] nicks,
   bool last


The channel the user is on. "@" is used for secret channels, "*" for private channels, and "=" for public channels.
A list of nicks on the channel. If this is the last reply then it will be empty. Nicks prefixed with a '@' are channel operators. Nicks prefixed with a '+' have voice privileges on a moderated channel, i.e. they are allowed to send public messages.
True if this is the last names reply.


Namespace: Sharkbite.Irc

Assembly: Sharkbite.Thresher (in Sharkbite.Thresher.dll)

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