Thresher 1.2 Class Documentation

Sender.Who Method 

Request a list of users who match a given query.

[Visual Basic]
Public Sub Who( _
   ByVal mask As String, _
   ByVal operatorsOnly As Boolean _
public void Who(
   string mask,
   bool operatorsOnly


The mask passed to Who is matched against a users' host, real name or nickname. It uses the wildcard system of matching where the '*' can stand for any number of characters and '?' stands for any single character. The query will only match against one component so it is not possible to match against both nick and host for example.
True if the query should only try to match the mask to users designated operators.


Possible Errors


Exception TypeCondition
ArgumentExceptionIf the mask is null,empty, or too long.


            //Find all users from Russia, i.e. who have .ru in their hostnames
            connection.Sender.Who("*.ru", false );
            //Find all users from clan [DX], i.e. have '[DX]' in their nick
            connection.Sender.Who("[DX]*", false );

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