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Sender Class

This class is used to send all the IRC commands except for CTCP and DCC messages. Instances of this class are retrieved as properties of the Connection object. All methods in this class are thread safe.

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[Visual Basic]
Public Class Sender
Inherits CommandBuilder
public class Sender : CommandBuilder


Due to the asynchronous nature of IRC, none of these commands have a return value. To get that value (or possibly an error) the client must handle the corresponding event. For example, to check if a user is online the client would send Ison then check the value of the OnIson event to receive the answer.

When a command can return an error, the possible error replies are listed. An error message will be sent via the OnError event with one of the listed error codes as a parameter. When checking for these errors use the constants from ReplyCode.

The maximum length of any command string sent to the server is 512 characters.


            //Create a Connection object which will automatically create its own Sender
            Connection connection = new Connection( args, false, false );	
            //Send commands using the Connection object and its Sender instance.
            //No need to keep a separate reference to the Sender object
            connection.Sender.PublicMessage("#thresher", "hello");


Namespace: Sharkbite.Irc

Assembly: Sharkbite.Thresher (in Sharkbite.Thresher.dll)

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